Top 5 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress I SEO Techniques

best seo plugins for wordpress

When we talking about ranking website then most important things are come which is called SEO. SEO is stand search engine optimization which helps to increase traffic on website as well as also increase ranking of your website. In this article, we spread 5 best SEO plugins for WordPress to improve ranking of your website faster. Many of the WordPress uses are also about Yoast SEO plugins, which provide you to write good quality content. This SEO  techniques to improve your website ranking.


SEO Techniques

Keyword Tool is free tool for your new website. This is one of the best SEO plugins for wordpress to increase ranking of your website. Keyword Tool are available in both form which is FREE and PRO. If you are create new website then you should use Free version of Keyword tool. Keyword tool is best way to finding the which keyword is rank in search engine. They also provide Search Volume, CPC, and Competition through which you easily rank your website. But all this features is only available for PRO users. If you are free user then you can only found keyword or unique keyword by which you write an good SEO article with proper Meta description.

2. WordPress SEO By Yoast

yoast seo

Yoast plugin is very popular among WordPress user. By using Yoast SEO you easily write good quality of SEO articles. They provide you On-Screen SEO problems through which you easily find and solve it. Good quality of SEO article are very important for your website because if your article are not good quality SEO then your article are take so much time to rank in search engine. They provide Readability and SEO ranking color dot. This dot is available for three colors Red, Orange, and Green. If your article are good then dot color is Green and not the Red. This is best SEO plugins for WordPress.

3. Google Keyword Planner

google keyword planner

This is best and free tool given by google. By using this tool you can easily track or find best keyword for your article. Keyword Planner provide you search Volume, CPC and Competition of any keyword. They can also provide many other keywords related to your keyword.

4. Broken Link Checker
broken link checker

Broken Link Checker is used to find the broken link of your website. If your website are consists so many broken links then your website ranking deceases day by day. Because search engine avoids those websites which have to many broken links. If you really increase your website ranking then this SEO techniques are used. Broken link Checker find the broken link by which you can easily fixed it because take so much time.

5. SEO Optimized Image
seo tools

This is best SEO plugins for WordPress to optimized image. If you can use high definition pictures then it take so many times to load images by which your website speed is slow. If your website speed is slow then search engine are not active on your website. So, SEO Optimized Image to help you to compress or Optimized your High Definition image in small size through which your website loading speed is fast and improve ranking.

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