Best Diet Plan for Weight Gain in Hostel

Weight gain in hostel

Want to Weight Gain

Many of the students who are study afar from home are suffering from good diet plan. When they study in college as well as school the major problem is “They can’t maintain the Diet” therefore they are facing problem in weight gain in hostel and also health problem. The main reason is that those food are available in the mess are not good quality and if the students are consume food from market. They face money problem and also those food which are available in the market are also not so good. Many of the restaurants are providing the good quality of food but the amount is so high. Normal or middle class students can’t afford it. So, in this article we will explain all the true about “how you will consume good quality of Food in low cost” and also this food help to increase weight as well as improve your health condition.
We can also mention the amount of the price through which you can measure how cheap is that.

Many of the students who are study in college are not self confidences due to their weight loss. Therefore, many of the students who weight is less are sometimes face problem in between friends. If you are one of them please read the whole article. When we talking about weight gain the main question is that “how fats is to be created” and why fats are important for healthy life. We talking about good fats like saturated fats and little bit unsaturated fats but you can avoid Trans fats which are generally found in the fat food. When we talking about increase fat in the body many of the people are go for fast food. Yes, sometimes your weight is increase for consuming the fast food but they are many health problems occurs from which you become unhealthier.

When you start to weight gain there are maintain their like breakfast, lunch, evening breakfast, and then dinner. We have to mention the all diet and what amount is to be taken for good healthier fats for fast.

Morning Breakfast

For Vegetarians
Ashwagandha, Oats, Protein (Like Bornvita, ProteinX ), Milk (250ml), Nuts, Banana.

When you wake up after fresh then consume Ashwagandha, Honey, Nuts and Milk. All the ingredients are mixes together and consume it.
This can help you improve your digestion and increases your food taking amount. If you follow this then Weight Gain in Hostel  will be increase.
For 1hrs later
Consume Oats, Protein Banana, and Milk together.
Your mess breakfast amount is all most 30rs and your breakfast amount is
Ashwagandha – 5Rs/day
Oats – 10Rs/day
Milk – 12Rs/day
Protein – 12Rs/day
Banana – 10Rs/day
Total amount is 50Rs/day Morning Breakfast.


You can consume what the mess is provided and you can add paneer or eggs in your lunch diet. Please don’t forget to add salad in your lunch diet. You can also increase you diet, due to this help you to weight gain in hostel.

Evening Breakfast

You can add Maggie or Chowmin contains with 3 eggs or 200gm paneer. You can also add nuts. Nuts are found easily in everywhere. So, this nuts will help to Weight Gain in Hostel.


You can consume whatever your mess is provided you can add extra things like paneer. Paneer is provided you for extra energy in the night. They are complex carbohydrates therefore they consume very slow process.

Total Diet Rs/day – Breakfast 50Rs + Lunch + 20Rs + Evening + 20Rs Dinner + 20Rs = 110Rs/day

I think this diet is good for those people who can’t afford restaurant food. This diet also helps to improve your health as well as also improve immune system. You may think that we add paneer in all most everywhere because paneer contains a good quality of casein protein as well as they are complex carbohydrates. This will helps you increase Weight Gain in Hostel faster.

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