5 Best Broken Links Checker Websites For Free

broken links checker websites

Hello Guys, In this post we will learn about broken links checker websites. In my earlier post I had told about wordpress broken link checker plugin. That was for wordpress. But today in this post we will talk about all blog websites, not only wordpress broken link checker plugin. Checks your blog’s pages, posts, comments, and every single link. And along with every broken link, you send the notification of the report to your email. And how bad is the impact of broken links on your blog’s visitor and search engine SEO. I have already told it. Reduce broken link on website then affect your website ranking.

 Broken Links Checker Websites

You can not always use the broken link checker plugin, because this plugin greatly utilizes the resources of your server and slows down your WordPress site, especially if you are using shared hosting. So, I will find the better option for you to get rid of this problem. Let us use online broken link checker tools. So I will tell about 5 broken links checker websites.

Broken links are found in all the websites and blogs, especially content writer like bloggers. So, this problem is very high because the links are very much important in your blog. So, we can check it for a while and remove it.

5 Free Broken Links Checker Websites:
  • Broken link check.com

The brokenlinkcheck.com website is a very good website that checks your blog’s internal and external links. These websites check dead link for free and scan upto maximum 3000 page at a time. And the location of your 404 bad links also tells you. Then you simple visit the site and solve this broken link by redirected to other page..

  • Power Mapper.com

The powermaper.com website also checks broken links but in the images of your website, imported statement (the code that has been imported into the CSS code), and the server’s error setting as well. And also checks the details of your domain name.

  • Validator W3 link checker:

validator.w3.org These websites are the best websites that are free. This is donated by hp, you will find many features in it. They can also download the tool and can check it online any time.

  • Google Webmaster Tools:

GoogleWebmaster, You must verify your blog site in google webmaster, and this is the best way to check 404 link status. You can check the 404 error by going into the crawl error option in the Webmaster Tools dashboard. Here you will find all the details of which link 404 which time and date.

  • Dead Link checker.com

Deadlinkchecker.com is a very simple and best tool that checks broken links on the blog. You will find many options here. Manual checking for many websites, and here you can signup in the account and take auto checker subscription after this automatic will keep checking your bad links on your blog and will continue to notify you via email.


All these broken links checker websites are best to remove dead links from your blog. According to me, the problem of your broken link has now been resolved. If you are wordpress user then you read our previous article for finding the broken link.

I hope this article is help you. If you have any question regarding to the broken link checker then please comment in the below. I will solve your problem and please share this post among your friends to them.

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