Benefits & Side Effects of CAFFEINE

Benefits & side effects of caffeine

 Benefits & Side Effects of CAFFEINE

As we all know Caffeine are largely used in pre-workout, as a form of drinks or tea. Here we discuss about benefits & side effects of caffeine. But if you drink coffee then you know that caffeine is already present on it. Caffeine are also present in soda, cold drink, and also energy booster. It contains caffeine but this caffeine is not good for you. We did not required those caffeine.

So, question is that “What is CAFFEINE?” And Much is SAfe?

Caffeine is a natural stimulant and mostly found in tea,coffee and cocoa plants. Caffeine is illegal drugs and its also used in medication or prescribe medicine. Whenever you use medicine for headache or cold it contains caffeine. So, in our daily life we consume caffeine on daily bases. 300mg are caffeine are safe for everyone.

Benefits of Caffeine

Whenever you consume caffeine and this caffeine can activated the brain receptors. They increases the alertness. This is naturally found in seeds,nuts or leaves of certain plants. When all of these natural sources are then harvested and processed to produce caffeinated foods and beverages.

Caffeine are many of them good advantages. If you consumes daily 300mg of caffeine. You are feel good results. Here are Benefits of Caffeine –

Weight Loss

Many people who eat unhealthy food or fast food then their decreases their metabolism are effected rate. Therefore all the are not properly consume or digested. So, they are stored in form of fat. If you consume the caffeine then they can increase the metabolism rate up to 11% and this is help to decrease weight up to 13%.

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If you consuming 300mg of caffeine per day may allow you to burn an extra 79 calories per day. Green tea is also contain caffeine and acts as an fat loss. Caffeine are also helpful for increase good weight or building muscles. An study say that if you are underweight then the only one reason for your underweight is that your metabolism. So, if caffeine increase the metabolism rate therefore you can consume anything are easily digested in your body.

Boost Long Term Memory

Caffeine are also improve mood and increases the long term memory because those ingredients are present in caffeine has ability to block other brain signaling molecule adenosine. This causes an increases in other signaling molecules. So, when you doing somethings under focus then they can stored in brain or as memory for long time.
They also decrease the likelihood of depression and stimulate brain function. Caffeine can increase the alertness,concentration as well as stimulates the central nervous system.

Enhance Exercise Performance

If you are a gym lover or doing gym then you can must consume caffeine as an drinks. Because caffeine have tendency to increase focus on exercise. whenever you to the exercise then consume small amount of caffeine they can help you to improve your exercise performance. Whenever you do exercise then muscles breakdown are common so before you go to the gym you can consume caffeine they can help from muscles break down.
Caffeine are also increases your weight lift. You can lift more weight.

Reduce The Risk of

Mouth Cancer : Caffeine are prevent from mouth cancer. 2-3 cups of coffee per day may reduce or decrease the tendency of mouth cancer. A study say that those people who consume caffeine they have less tendency of mouth cancer among those who not consume.

Gout : If you regularly drinking two-three cups of coffee per day it may be reduce the risk of developing gout by 40% in men and 57% in women.

Liver Cancer : Caffeine also reduce the risk of liver damage. When you take caffeine you metabolism rate increases and this will affected on you liver. Therefore it prevent from it.

Many of the other advantage like if you have low blood pressure then caffeine can help to maintain the blood pressure. Also headache and other health related problem occurs with consume excess amount of caffeine.

So, benefits & side effects of caffeine are considered in this articles. You will be know all the benefits of caffeine now its time to consider the side effect of caffeine. As we all know that if we consume anything under limit then there is no problem but if we goes over it then many problem occurs. So, in this topic of benefits & side effects of caffeine we consider the side effect of caffeine.

Side Effects of Caffeine

Many of the people are who is consume over limit or over 300mg of caffeine they generally suffer from side effects of caffeine.  Side Effects are consider mostly for consuming large amount of the caffeine. So, before we take caffeine please consult with expert. Generally consumption of caffeine is safe. But if you are addicted to consume caffeine in the form of tea. Then they have may side effects like –



When you take more 300mg of caffeine per day and this dose is further increases day by day. Then it can lead to caffeinism, which is characterized by nervousness. When you take caffeine then after taking of caffeine this caffeine is goes to your brains within 15min and stay on their upto 6hrs. So, when you consume the caffeine again and again then it can rest you brain function.

Sleeping Trouble

Whenever you take caffeine they can activated your brain function within 15min. So, if you consume more caffeine they can again strike on brain again an again. Therefore they can’t sleep properly.

Upset Stomach

Upset stomach is very common and this is may be first side effects you can easily found. Whenever you drinks more cup of coffee they can decrease starve. So, you can limit on consumption of caffeine.

Anxiety / Stress

This are also common side effect of caffeine. When you consume more then recommended then they disturb the nervous system as well as brain function.

So in this articles of benefits & side effects of caffeine we can mention all the benefits & side effects of caffeine. I hope you can understand all the Benefits & Side effects of caffeine. If you have any benefit from this article please comment below.

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