Benefits Of Google AMP | Advantage And Disadvantage

Benefits of google amp

In today’s time, many bloggers use Google AMP on their website, and many people do not think it is necessary to use it and there are some people who can not decide whether to use AMP on their site or not. So in this post we are going to give you information about the advantages and disadvantages or benefits of Google AMP, so that Blogger will be able to decide whether to use Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages is right for them or not.

Which Type of Site Give Benefits of Google AMP?

If you are running a self hosted WordPress blog, this is a great thing for you because on this kind of website you can easily enable Accelerated Mobile Pages with the help of plugins.

Without coding knowledge, installing some plugins on your WordPress blog and configuring them can easily boost traffic from your mobile device by optimizing your blog for mobile search.

If you are running a blogspot blog then using google AMP will be a little hard for you. Because the plugin is not used on the Blogger platform.
If you want to enable AMP on your blogger blog, then you have to install a theme in which the AMP tag is properly used in theme coding. Means a Google AMP enabled theme.

If you are running a website that has not been created on WordPress or Blogger, then it would be very difficult to use AMP on your site. Because the code of this type of website can add AMP tag only to the developer.

Profit and Loss of Google AMP Use:

If you have not used it on your website yet and you do not have the right information about its advantages and disadvantages, then your tension will end now.

What are the Benefits of Google AMP?
  • Well there are many benefits to using it on our blog, but we will talk about some important profits here.
  • If we use it on our blog or website then our blog is very fast open on the mobile device. That means if a visitor will open the blog on mobile then the page will be very fast open.
  • If Google AMP is used, your site’s mobile search ranking is boosted. Because Google bots like high speed page more.
  • By using it you can reduce the server load of your website, because when a mobile user will open your content page, your content will be shown through google cache, from which the user’s browser It will not be the page download, so the page is fast open.

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  • If your blog is made on WordPress then it is very easy to use, because you can configure by installing the google AMP plugin.
  • Using Accelerated Mobile Pages on your site, you can boost traffic from mobile search. This means that mobile traffic is increased.
  • If you use a hosting that has a slow speed, then using google AMP will be great for you. Because this will improve your mobile search ranking very quickly.
  • If you use Accelerated Mobile Pages on your site, CTR (lick through rate) in your mobile search also increases very well, because the mobile search result also shows an AMP symbol, so that the visitor understands that content will be fast open. That’s why mobile visitors like content with this symbol, which causes more traffic than mobile search.
What is the Disadvantage of Using Google AMP?
  • There are many things that have some advantages and there are some disadvantages too. There are also some of the same reasons to use Accelerated Mobile Pages, some of which tell you about big losses below.
  • If you use it on your blog or website and your biggest earning source advertisement, then the biggest loss is that the income from your ads will be very low. Because AMP pages are slow loads relative to the ads content of Adsense ads or other ad network company. Which causes CTR of ads to be low. Now if your blog’s main income source adsense, then you will have a huge revenue loss.
  • Can not get complete information directly into google analytics for traffic of AMP pages. To show a complete information about google AMP traffic, you have to setup google analytics separately for AMP pages.
  • If you enable AMP on your site, many features of your site are disabled such as the Sidebar widgets, Subscriber form which is very important for email marketing. If you want to affiliate marketing, you have to create an email list which will not be able to be made from google amp pages. If you share tutorial posts on your blog, it is very difficult to show the code box, if the code box is placed by Extra CSS then the loading time of the AMP page will be impaired.

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  • It is very difficult to enable AMP on all types of websites. Only WordPress users can configure it easily.
    If the canonical tag has not been added to your theme, the problem of duplicate content will be generated on your site, if you ignore it then you can also apply google penalty on your site.
  • If you have used Google AMP on your blog and you disable it later then a lot of 404 errors will be faced, which will have a bad effect on the search ranking.
  • If Adsense is not approved due to any reason on your blog and you are using google AMP, then you can not use popup ads from any ad network.
  • Google AMP does not affect your ranking factor, but the loading speed of the page improves slightly mobile search ranking and affects desktop search ranking. So it would be absolutely wrong to say that AMP is important for the ranking factor.
  • This is not absolutely useful for the e-Commerce website.
  • If you also post YouTube videos on your website, then using AMP is of no avail because it just fast the text content only, can not load video fast.

Right now, I told you about using Pros and Cons to use Google AMP so that you can decide whether you should use it on your blog or not.

If you want my suggestion, then let me tell you that in your own website, Google AMP does not use anymore while it has been used for 2 months a few months ago. The result of which was not acceptable at all.

That’s why I would say to you that using Google AMP is of no use. There is more harm than what is used.

So friends hope you’ve got to know what are the Pros and Cons or benefits of Google AMP on your blog. If you have any questions or suggestions related to using Google AMP, then you can comment by sharing. If you like this post, please share it with your social media friends.

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