What is Backlinks And How they Work ?


Backlinks And Their Importants

In this article we want to talk about Backlinks. Now if you’re new to internet marketing then chances are you’ve probably heard people talk about backlinks and you’re probably wondering what they are and why they’re important,if your website don’t have any Backlink, then the website is not rank in Google search engine. So Backlinks are important to your website to visible in google search engine.

when we’re talking about Link building. Then building backlinks with internal links if you’re writing a blog or if you’re writing on your website or whatever you have links that lead to content within your blog or your website those are internal links. External links are links that lead outside of your website. So it a backlink.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are lengths from other websites that lead back to your website. I got a diagram right here and this green box is basically your website and all these gray boxes around it are other websites that are including a link that are pointing back to your website. So when you create a website of Blogging type then you must create a Backlink.


Before creating a backlinks you can post many articles on the your website. This is help you to increase traffic of your websites.
From my opinion backlinks is type of advertisement of your website on the popular websites of same niche.

So, Why are Backlinks Important?

They’re basically like online boats that tell Google how important your video or website is the more votes you get the better you can rank now not all Backlinks are equal.

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You have two different types of Backlinks:
1. Low Quality Backlink
2.High Quality Backlink: You always want to focus on getting High Quality Backlink for it. Many other backlinks types likes dofollow, link building, and nofollow.

For example:

If your website has to do with making money online. There’s another website, that is about weight loss and that website is linking back to your website about make money online. This is really not going to help you too much because that website is in an unrelated niche. So you always want to get Backlink that are coming from the same niche that you’re in so.

If there are other websites is also about making money online that are linking back to your website.
You also going to be more beneficial for you to get Backlink from high authority websites. What I mean by, this is websites that have a high PageRank and PageRank is measured between zero to ten.
So, you website is Rank in Google at also Higher pagerank.

How to Create a Backlinks for my websites?

There’s a number of ways that you can actually get Backlink.

1. If You can submitting short articles of one of you popular article directories. You can’t submit the whole article which is post on your website. You just include a link within that article back pointing back to your website. It is also called guest post articles.

2. You can use a a tool called social Monkee it’s a seven dollar one-time fee and you’ll be able to build 25 Backlinks per day to your website. I think this is amazing tools to create a hight quality Backlink.

3. You can post in forums that are related to your niche and then the signature you would actually include a link back to your website.

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