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android vs ios

Many of the readers of Techmenia Blog are question that which platform of operating system is best for cell phones which is called Android vs iOS. When anyone buy a new cell phone they little bit confused about which operation system is best for me and why. So, here all of the techmenia blog reader, Manish Sing is solve all your doubts and make clear difference between android vs iOS and you will be decide which one is best and why. So, read whole post for better understanding.

Android vs iOS

Our world has gone beyond the PC. Now the world of mobile and tablet. Let’s talk about mobile operating systems that are currently running in them.

Did you hear Android vs iOS names? Soon visit the Wikipedia. iOS from Apple, and  Android from Google. What is their use?There is no big difference between the mobile phone operating system and computer operating system.

What does your operating system do? It helps you connect your hardware and software to the applications that are useful to you. Mobile operating systems such as Android vs iOS are doing the same things. But on mobile phones rather than your PCs.It’s hard to believe that I have either texts that Android vs iOS now need to say. Because they are so close to our lives through mobile phones.

We do not know how much mobile phones are used to connect people. We can talk only one at a time and we can now talk to anyone, but this is the mobile. Now this mobile has gone up another step and has long been occupied by the use of your PCs.They play an important role in this Android vs iOS.

The difference between the two is the that an iOS is a proprietary operating system while the Android Open Source. These are similar to windows and Linux. The argument of what is good is indefinable. But let’s analyze some of the issues related to the second.

  • Android vs iOS will notice the availability of Android for everyone but iOS not.
  • iOS only made by Apple company. This is only used in Apple devices. That is on iPhone and iPod. No other company except Apple can see its source code. It can not be changed. It can not be used and can not be used.
  • Android is an open operating system designed by Google. That means its source code is available for everyone. Anyone can use it and change it. Those who want to create a new mobile operating system are easy to start using it.
  • Many companies already use it. Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson Vigira.

Winner-Android  Lose– iOS

Developer Support:

Which is the best of what is between the two and the answer is no. iOS are their  SDK and Android also their SDKs. Both of them have good developer support. Initially Apple iOS unexpectedly took advantage of developers. Its involvement is like that. And yet, Apple is still the only day to sack the crowds (their pockets :)) on the first day of the release of operating system.

  • There are millions of people using iPhone. So if the app is written, it will be a lot of people.
  • But in the meantime, the mobile handset used by Android is used to sell mobile phones that are used by the IOS. More than three lakhs of thousands of Android mobile phones are activated across the globe every day.
  • So if any developer has left such a market, it would be foolish.
  • In all likelihood, tyranny in terms of apple iOS Because it changes its rules accordingly. Eg: flash, in-app payments
  • There is no doubt that it has gained Android.
  • But in terms of the App markets Google does not give Apple the best experience.

Winner-iOS Lose-Android

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  • iOS wins unambiguously, if you’re talking about usability.
  • Apple does not have much to make a lot of amazing interfaces.
  • Steve Jobs led the user experience and took away the minds of the people.
  • So much so that Apple is now a bigger company than Microsoft. (Microsoft Market Cap: 202 Billion, Apple Market Cap: 317 Billion)
  • Android has also made good progress, yet the iOS is still better.
  • Besides, the iPhone 4 features the retina display, multi-touch features that make it feel better.
  • But Android also has features such as Amoled Display Screen and Multi Touch. But you can use the mobile company, which will change its models and the fancy features.

Winner– iOS Lose – Android


Now mobile phones are so important when they have used many amazing apps.These are the programs we use to compete in the PC world. Eg: games, browsers, office tools.

  • Apple has an Upstore and Android Appstore.
  • Appstore is a market where we can see all the apps we can use.
  • There are millions of opes app available for both.
  • But Apple’s Appstore wins. Many nice apps are available for iOS. Because apple apps are more secure then android appstore.
  • Apple AppStore has a nice experience, but Android AppStore has not yet improved. The approach to finding the apples may be even better.
  • But now, different companies make their Android backstop (eg: Amazon AppStore). This will increase the competition for Google and provide the best AppStore.

Winner– Android Lose – iOS

  • In terms of releases, iOS and Android have problems.
  • The problem with iOS is that it releases a new Apple iOS monsoon for every six months. So the new iphone that you bought seems to be too soon. You can not set up a new iOS torso because of Apple’s lockdown.
  • The problems with Android are lower. Because it’s open. But the problem with Android is “Fragmentation”.
  • Apple iOS is a company that can make it better to keep track of its releases.
  • But the Android Open system offers so many different mobile companies that offer them a great deal of relay. So if you release a new Android version, it may not be installed on your mobile until your mobile company is released.
  • But it is with the convenience of Android. Open yourself so you can update yourself. But this is not a work that everyone can do. (To cope with this issue now, Google has introduced a new version released to eight mobile phones that provide support to mobile devices that support it.)

Winner – iOS Lose – Android

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In terms of cost and diversity, the Android and iOS are totally vary and more difference in their price.

  • It is well known that Apple devices are the most expensive. That is not the Android that is less expensive. But using Android, various companies offer mobile phones in different ranges.
  • They started from seven to eight thousand and iOS started almost thirty and forty thousand.
  • One of the most useful uses of Android open and free.
  • Another problem with Apple devices is that it is not available immediately for their release in India.
  • Apple is a slander that will introduce new models in countries like America and Europe and use India as a place to get rid of their old models.
  • I hope that the method can change with Iphone 4.

Winner – Android Lose – iOS


There are some things to say about iOS and Android rather than the above. These OSs are not limited to mobile. Tablets are also used. There are devices that are present between mobile and PCs. The same tablets. (IPod, Guzum Vigira …) Initially, it was achieved. iOS also uses it. So if you write a lot on mobile, it’s more likely to work on tablets.

  • Tablets came with Android. But they still did not get much attention.
  • Moreover, the Android system has been split apart for tablets and mobile phones. It does not have the belief that it will work on mobile phones that are designed for mobile phones (but the problem with Android’s latest release “ice-cream sandwiches”).

You can buy a new mobile phone in any of the OS and buy more. I hope you find your answer about android vs iOS and which one best operating system and why. If you like this post please share among your and spread this knowledge to everyone. Share on your facebook, and other social media platform.

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