What is Android Root? Advantages and Disadvantages

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Android Root

“What is rooting? Why should I root my Android device?” These are common questions that I get asked quite often. Today’s lesson is to talk to you about both the advantages and disadvantages of rooting your Android devices. But before we get started, a word of caution: rooting or modifying your phone in any way will void your manufacturer’s warranty and possibly “brick” it. What does “bricking” your device mean you ask? Exactly what you think… It means screwing up your phone software so badly that your phone can no longer function properly and is pretty much as useless as a brick. I do not in any way recommend anyone for Android Root. This article is simply to introduce you to the subject of rooting and present you with both the pro’s and con’s so that you can make an educated decision on your own.

What is Rooting and Why it’s called Rooting?

“Rooting”… some people make it a core need for all their android devices, while many don’t know what it really means. However, it is important for every android user to at least know what rooting is, and whether is it beneficial for them or not. To keep it simple, rooting is the process of gaining access to (all) administrative functions of the operating system. The term comes from the word “root”, which is the name of the most powerful administrative user in the Linux Operating System. So. it all about rooting and why they called as rooting.

Advantages of Android Root

1. Installing Custom ROMs
After rooting your device, you can flash a custom ROM or Kernel, which means you can have a new device. You can download Custom ROMs from any website and use it.

2. Latest Version Of Android
If you buy any android phone then you will pre-installed android version and you will not able to upgrade the latest android version. So if you do android root then you will be able to change or upgrade the latest android version time to time.

3. Remove Preinstalled Crapware
Manufacturer won’t allow you to uninstall those preinstalled apps on your device. Rooting a device can make them removed easily, which ensures a high running quality.

4. Boost your Android Device’s Speed and Battery Life
Some powerful apps like Greenify can close the useless applications automatically, which can effectively improve your device’s performance. Of course, Greenify needs root access.

5. Unlocking Additional Features
By rooting your Android device you also gain the ability to unlock some features that your carrier may charge for. One example is enabling free WiFi and USB tethering, which many carriers charge money for. So, when you root your android device then you able to excess all the features.

6. Make Complete Backups of Your Android Phone or Tablet
A unrooted Android phone can only backup some settings and apps of your device. Titanium can be used on rooted device to give you a complete backup. So, before you can do anything you must create backup and store on other device.

Disadvantages of Android Root

1. Warranty Gone
The Android device manufacturers will not cover the damage after you rooting your device. For some brand, we can unroot the device after rooting, so, the manufactures don’t know if you have Android Root or not. But to make matters worse, Android device manufactures also go to great lengths to know if your device has been rooted!

2. Security Beach
While Android Root you beach your security  can easily excess your android root device and get full controls over it.

3.Face Several Errors
When you Android root is complete then some type error is occur. This error will come again and again. Some common error are called like software updated error and ROMs problems and many more.

When you think for Android Root then Two things to Know

1. Before you Android Root make the good knowledge of android phones and also your cell phone is out of warranty. Generally every cell phone have one year of warranty period. If you have do android root then your warranty is gone. So firstly use your android phone for one year then use android root.

2. You can also install any OS like Kali Linux and use your android phone for like a security gadgets. But before you do this make sure you have proper knowledge of security checkup and android gadgets.

I hope this article is useful for you and your android devices. If you have any problem regarding to you android root. Please comment belows.

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