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What is Android P: The first version of Android was released on 23 September 2008 and since its release it has become the first choice of people and has become the world’s favorite mobile operating system in a very short span of time. But there is another new explosion in the world of Android and that is Andorid P. So let’s first know what android and after that what will Android P know?

What is Android P?

‘Android’ in today’s time, you will be familiar with this word. How many times have you heard of Android and will also is spoken. So Android is the world’s most popular Mobile Operating System and today’s operating system can be seen in almost every mobile device.
Those who do not know ‘What is Andorid P’ should tell them that Android is a mobile operating system created by google.

It is based on the standard version of Linux Kernel, designed for touch screen devices such as mobile phones and tablets etc.

Google has been removing different versions of Android from time to time, better than earlier versions. In this episode Google recently released its Android 8 which is also called Android Oreo. Along with its release, people started talking about Andorid P in what would be called Andorid P and what would be the features of it. Right now Android P is a lot of time to release, but the discussion about Android P’s feature and how it is better than its older version has already started. So let’s know what is Android P?

What is Android P?

Android P is an operating system. This operating system is made for mobile by Google. Android P is Google’s newest Android version. It will take control of the Android operating system since Android 8 (Oreo). When Android’s Oreo version was released in 2017, it was quite popular among people with some new features. The fans and Android operating systems have similar expectations from android P.

11 Features of Andorid P:
android p features

It is a lot of features, but there are some features that make it not only better but also great and secure from the older version of Android. Let’s know what Andorid P feature is?
Google has added ‘Markup’ screenshot editor, new volume slider, re-designed Notifications / Quick settings, redesigned settings menu and auto rotate button etc. in android P. Let’s know in detail about these features.

1. Markup Screenshot Editor-

Android has been giving the option of taking screenshots from the beginning but people did not think it was much more specific. Google has made some changes in its screenshot for this now. As you can manage the size of screenshot taken for you. You will also get the option of a pen / highlighter with it. So that you can write something on your screenshot

2. New Volume Slider-

You will get a new volume slider. With Volume Slider, we mean when you increase the volume of your mobile, you see it on the screen. When you increase the volume, you will see a change in android p in the option appearing on the screen. Where the volume slider in the earlier version used to be on the top, it has come into this side. Apart from this, mobile can easily be mute / vibrate from this feature.
With the ‘Media Output’ button you can connect or disconnect the paired Bluetooth device without setting in the settings.

3. In the redesigned Notification or Quick Settings-

Quick setting, Google has tried to give rounded look. Google has given a new looked to the Quick Settings menu. This looks more attractive than ever before.

4. Redesigned Settings Menu-

The menu of Android’s settings is never too attractive, but after all Android P, it’s all going to change. The settings menu in Android P has been completely changed. Every section inside the settings app has been given a new icon which helps it look attractive in advance.
You will see this button when you rotate your mobile from portrait to landscape. After pressing it, your phone will rotate.

5. Indoor Location –

Google is considered to be the best way to tell you, but if you talk about Indoor, then it does not give much accurate information, but now with Android P, Google has tried to improve Indoor Location and its OS i802. 11 MC capable of supporting Wi-Fi Protocol It is also called Round Treep Time in another language, this app will be able to tell you the right position from inside the house and on Andorid P, depending on the distance from this Wife device, based on the hardware support, and Location Permission and Location Enable I have been able to

6. HDR Video Unloading –

With this feature, you will be able to upload HDR videos to social sites such as YouTube or other sites, and the company has supported HDR VP9 Profile 2, which will help you upload HDR videos to other sites and stores including YouTube.

7. Picture Optimization –

The special thing about Andorid P is that it is also capable of compressing High Quality Pictures you took in. It supports HEIF Image Encoding which allows you to easily compress your pictures in size.

8. Improved Notification –

In Andorid P, notifications are already pre-empted and Improve has been carved first, where it could only see the notification and answer it. Now you can see any message coming in the notification by looking at yourself and seeing the answer. You will find that you will be able to answer just a click with just the active message and you will not even need to open the message for it.

9. Multi Camera API –

As you might have seen in the Smartphone now that the company has started giving dual cameras, which is a common thing and you can use the effects like Bokeh Effect and Blur. But these Effects cannot be used with apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, but now with Android P you will be able to use it. Now you will be able to take advantage of all these effects with all the apps.

10. Camera and Mic Access –

From the beginning on the Android OS there have been questions that any third-party app secretly takes the permissions from you and uses your camera and Mic. But now this new version will not be able to do this, access to Camera and Mic in Android P has been recycled.

11. Job Scheduler –

In this new version, the company has introduced Job Scheduler which can be very useful for users. This feature works together with Apps like DOS and App Standby, in which you can easily manage the schedule task and do the job according to the status of the network. As if you are doing any work on the internet together, in this case, in the event of a network slavery, it will stop the huge work and will deal with the small things first.

Android P Release date

Google’s most popular Andorid P will be released in 2018. The way Oreo was done. Before release, hopefully many beta versions of andorid p will also come in. And by August 2018 it will be released for the common customer. If you are thinking that it will be available immediately after you release it is not so. You have to wait a bit more for this. First of all, this update will roll out to Google’s pixel phone. After that slowly to another phone. From September this Android version will be rolling out to the new mobile.

As soon as gradually it will come in the rest of the phone.
We hope you’ve liked this post on Andorid P. Do not forget to give your opinion if you like it, thank you.

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