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Dear bloggers, welcome to your WordPress Blog “How to add SSL and HTTPS in WordPress Website? How to Activated WordPress CloudFlare Free SSL Certificate on this post. Do you know how to activate Premium HTTPs SSL Certificate Free? Do you know Cloudflare prompts CDN Open Source SSL Certificate for free? Do you know how to setup Free SSL Website Security Certificate on WordPress? If not then our today’s article will be very useful and beneficial for you. WordPress recommends HTTPS for all sites, also called SSL / TLS Certificate. So that information about your website and visitors can be kept safe by hackers.

Activated WordPress CloudFlare Free SSL Certificate

It is not at all that for free SSL Certificate 1 year, you have to read again in the Valid and Next year, it will be free until you keep the following plugin and Cloudflare active. Everyone wants to make their website’s performance and security more secure.

We also suggest that you need CloudFlare Setup in your Domain Name System (DNS) system. We could give you suggestions for Premium SSL Certificate but it is not possible to get HTTPS Payment for all bloggers. Therefore, by today’s article, we will tell you how to set up a Cloudflare Free SSL Certificate / HTTPS Certificate, which can get Secure Label for your blog.

Everyone knows that Google HTTPS Protocol / Free SSL Certificate keep on providing strong websites with a better ranking on their Google Search Engine than the non HTTPS website.

What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is just a DNS Provider designed to reduce the DdoS attack that is too much deli. Cloudflare also protects your Bandwidth and Server Resource from being damaged. With WordPress CloudFlare Free SSL Certificate Providers, there are many more features like Firewall, Speed, Caching, which you do not use if you do not use it.

What are HTTPS / SSL?

SSL / TLS Certificate are a “Cryptographic Protocol” that secures the Data Transfer of information from online transactions or online engagement between websites and visitors via any website. If a website is associated with Shopping and transmits and collects information about Credit Card, Debit Card and Online Internet Banking, then you will need a free SSL certificate immediately.

According to the points given above, SSL Certificate is not only beneficial to the shopping website but it is also very beneficial for bloggers. Using the Cloudflare CDN Free SSL Certificate service, you can make your website even more secure and better in the eyes of Google search engine, which also benefits greatly in increasing Website Traffic and Ranking. Through this article you can find step by step information on WordPress CloudFlare Free SSL Certificate Setup on your website.

How to Setup WordPress CloudFlare Free SSL Certificate Activated?

On the WordPress blog Free HTTPs Certificate Activate and transfer to HTTPS requires you to read two (2) WordPress Plugins which are listed below. You can also call these two plugins as Free SSL Certificate Generator. Before installing the Cloudflare Free SSL Certificate Authority Setup, install and activate both the WordPress HTTPS Certificate Checker Plugin through the given link.

So let’s know step by step information and follow how to activate WordPress Cloudflare Free SSL Certificate on Blog.

  • Visit CloudFlare’s official website at First Step.
  • Create a new account for Cloudflare and set up the Website Cludflare Free CDN.
  • After the CloudFlare Setup, according to the second step point, click on the Page Rules in CludFlare Login according to the above image.

activated free ssl cloudflare in wordpress

  • Now you have to create Page Rules for just two Free SSL Certificate which will be www and Without www of your Domain Name.
  • Click Create Page Rules of the Cloudflare Dashboard according to the image above.
  • In the box appearing in the image, enter your blog’s name as http:* (remember to type * after the domain name you’ve forgot to mention * as shown in the image).
  • Then select the settings of: Then in the Pick a setting, always select HTTPS.
  • Click Save & Deploy.

cloudflare free ssl

In the second step, Same similarly, the first page Rules has been created, just click on the same option, create this, to create a www.

  • Click Create Page Rules.
  • Enter the name of your blog in the box appearing in the image above like* (do not forget to write * followed by the domain name * shown in the image)
  • Then select the settings of: Then in the Pick a setting, always select HTTPS.
  • Click Save & Deploy.
  • Now both the Page Rules will be made according to the given image.

Wordpress Cloudflare Free SSL Certificate

This way you have completed about 90% Free SSL Certificate Setup. For the remaining 10% in the next step, you have to go to WordPress Setting and have to replace your domain’s HTTP setting in HTTPs. Let’s know step by step.

  • Login to WordPress and go to WP Dashboard.
  • Click Setting – General according to the given image below.

Wordpress Cloudflare Free SSL activated

  • According to the last image of your blog, setting the settings for the domain name of your blog, the WordPress Address (URL) and the Site Address (URL) which is seen without HTTPs, save both by setting “S” after HTTP and saving it.
  • Clear Cache from Cache plugins Caching setting.

What’s the matter Bro Congratulations You have migrated and activated your blog successfully on CloudFlare Free SSL Certificate Activated.

See, some required settings on 95% of Blogs should not be seen. You should do it like you would like to replace HTTP on HTTP in Google Analytics. Doing this step will keep you informed about the right Blog Traffic and other sources. Follow the steps given below for free SSL Certificate Analytics Settings.

  • Log in to Google Analytics.
  • Click on Analytics Last Option Admin.
  • Click on Property Setting.
  • Like the following image, select https: // instead of HTTP for your blog’s default URL setting.
  • Save settings.

Wordpress Cloudflare Free SSL Certificate

CloudFlare CDN Free SSL Certificate Activation Short Process:

  • Go
  • Sign up to Cloudflare
  • Select the Cloudflare CDN Free SSL Certificate Plan.
  • Follow the Few Steps for Adding Your Domain Dame
  • Update Cloudflare Name Servers
  • Install Plugins
  • Select Page rules
  • Create Page Rules for Free SSL Certificate
  • Enter Your Domain Name with www & Without www
  • Turn “always use HTTPs” on ..
  • Change / Select HTTPS Plugin Proxy Setting “Yes”
  • Change Analytics Setting To Process.

If you still have trouble activating the Cloudflare Free HTTPS certificate, please once deactivate all active plugins and activate again, your problem will be relieved. Hope WordPress CloudFlare Free SSL Certificate Activate done. This article would have liked. If you liked this post, then share it with your friends in social media and do not forget to subscribe to the blog.

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