About Me



Techmenia is free and easy platform to learning  about new things. They give you best knowledge about, how to make money. Some tutorials like WordPress, SEO and Hacking Tips and Tricks. In Present Era many of the teenagers are searching in internet to how make online. So, these platform is about every things for those many of the young person search. They also provide a technology reviews like in latest cell phones, computers and games. If you are interested in the hacking then you definitely sign up for techmenia, because we provided good hacking tips and tricks with complete details.


If you are thinking about starting a blog for make money online then read all articles related to the start blogging. Blogging is good platform for make money online. If you have good knowledge about any of the topics and you want to share this knowledge then you must create a blogging website.

When you start blogging your knowledge is increase day by day and you become specialist to own topic. You also create a personal blog like if you interested in traveling and you travel many place then write an article about those places where you visits.

I realized that there must be a lot of other people out there who want to start their own blogs, but just don’t know where to begin. Since I can’t help everyone personally, I decided that I would create a blog that would show people exactly how to do it, even if they had absolutely no prior experience.

When thinking about what to call the website, I decided that my nickname would work great. So, that’s how techmenia.com came to be!

Behind the Techmenia

Founder of Techmenia is Karan Singh and Manish Singh. We are an engineering students of computer science. We have decide to start blogging as part time for make money. After college we have nothing to do. So, thinking about how to make money as a part time for some earning. Therefore, we start blogging. We have learning about website designing and increase traffic on website and also some hacking knowledge which is gain in our college. Therefore, we will decide to spread this knowledge to those, who has no knowledge about anything and try to learn. Specially for those people who is interested to build their own destiny.