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make blogspot blog seo friendly

Creating a blog on the internet is very easy, you will find thousands of blogs on the internet, but if you choose to some of them thousands, There are shows in the Google search engine. Now, if your blog is not indexed in the search engine, then it is useless to make your blog. It is equally important to make blogspot blog SEO friendly. Winning is a must if food is needed to live a life If your Search Preference is not properly setup in blogspot blog, this post are best for you if you just started the website or blog.

How To Make Blogspot Blog SEO Friendly?

Blogspot is a platform where you can create a blog for free, in such a way Google gives you some free features which you must use, in such a way, you have never seen a choice in setting, instead of searching preferences, the blogger has left this option. Why do not they understand what the choice is and why it is given to friends so you know that the blogger will not give you extra option if you come, then it will be the same for the course of our advantages because you need an extraordinary amount understand option.

To make blog a SEO friendly, the blogger has given a very prominent feature search preferences which has a very powerful feature, by mistake many of them bloggers ignore this option. This Powerful feature can be used to index your blog post in the Google Search Engine. It helps a lot and if you do wrong to this feature then it can also delete your blog from the Google Search Engine. It is a feature that you have to do with your attention carefully.  This techniques are very good. So, you can properly setup your SEO on blogspot blog Let’s understand these features one by one and take these up.

  • Meta tags
  • Custom page not found
  • Custom redirects
  • Google Search Console
  • Custom Robots.txt
  • Custom Robots Header Tags

What is Meta Tags?

seo friendly

The first feature is Meta Tags, in which you write descriptions about your website, blog, this feature will tell you exactly what your blog is on the search engine! Here you have to write in Max 150 characters, or you can write in less characters but do not write too much! This helps you to make blogspot blog SEO friendly.

Error and Redirections

What is Custom page not Found?

After the Meta Tags feature, you will get the next feature: Error and redirection are used when a post or page has been deleted from your blog and it has been indexed in Google and if a user opens the post, then what does it show on the message They will write you in the Custom Page Not Found.

Why Use Custom Redirects?

In this, you will get another feature. Custom redirects These options are used by very few people, because they do not know what their main use is. This feature then does it when your blog has a broken link or you use it. You can do this when you redirect your old link to a new link This is most important to make blogspot blog SEO friendly.

Crawlers and Indexing

By using the most important features of Search preferences, you can index your post or blog and make your blog  SEO Friendly but if you do anything by mistake, post or page is removed from your search engine. You can set up the very carefully, just as I will tell you that you have to do it again to see if you start getting the exact traffic from the search engine, then let’s understand it well and setup you get 3 features.

  • Google Search Console
  • Custom Robots.txt
  • Custom Robots Header Tags

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search console is a free service that is provided by google. You can monitor your website or blog using it as well as you can also maintain a blog. It just requires you to submit url to your site or blog. After that you have to verify if you do not have to verify the blog in google search console, then read this post to add and verify the blog in the google search console. Google Search Console best way to Make blogspot blog SEO friendly fast and increase ranking of your blog.

What is Custom Robots.txt?

In Robots.txt, you tell Google search console which corner part is indexed from your blog and the which part index is not,  this feature is very powerful, you do not accidentally de-index any such part which requires a lot. If you leave this feature as it is, then it is even bigger because when I used to be a blogger then I did not use the custom robots.txt feature even if my post was being indexed, if you were robots.txt file Learn more about Week so this post is read robots.txt file What happens How do add on Blog.

Setup from custom robots header tags

To do nothing more to you, I have shown you the best setting in the lower screenshot. You just have to select the boxes from the same level and save the settings. This setting is by far the best setup.

This Search Preference setup will work only if you have added your blog to the google webmaster tool. So you can index your blog to Make Blogspot Blog SEO Friendly and your blogspot blog in google search engine. Many of the people to create blog for making money from it. If you still have some doubts then you can can comment in the comment box

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