5 Ways to Open Task Manager in Windows

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How To Open Task Manager?

This article is about how to open the Task Manager in quick and simple ways. You follow any one them method to open this manager.

Task Manager is doing a very important role in disabling virus from windows computer. You can easily disable virus and suspicious program from this software. You can also see what programs are running in your computer with this program. So it’s a very important software for any computer user. The use of this feature is to disable the startup programs.

1. CTRL + ALT +DEL button in Keyboard Pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL is one of the most popular tricks for opening Task Manager in Windows. When you press CTRL+ALT+DEL button, you go to below screen, select “Start Task Manager” option and your Task Manager Program is open.

2. Right-Click on Taskbar and select Start Task Manager for open in windows. This is simple way to open task manager very quickly.

3. If you looking to advance or showing some, that you have great knowledge of coding then you should try this. You use CMD Command Prompt to open task manager.

Firstly go to the start option in windows and select RUN option then type CMD in run option box. After that a black screen is on desktop which is called CMD Command Prompt. When the command prompt is open then type this command which is “taskmgr” and hit enter.

4. You can also use of RUN command to open it. This is so easy, press WIN+R and type “taskmgr” in the box. This method is one of my best for opening the Task Manager.

5. CTRL+SHIFT+ESC like trick one this is also a great keyboard shortcut for open task manager in windows. Press these three buttons and your computer open task manager in your Desktop quick and easy way.


I hope friend this article is useful for you and I think that your is solve. If you face any other problem in your computer then comment below. I will give you better tips and tricks to solve any kind of computer and cell phone problem.

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