5 Risks Of Using Facebook Auto Liker! It is Not Safe

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It Is Safe To Use Facebook Auto Liker?

Facebook Auto liker are best way to get automatic likes at status and profiles. Facebook Auto likers are websites which collection personal data through token number. Then this collected data is used to generate auto likes. Now the question how they are collecting data. Whenever someone use these auto likers then these sites access their token number to generate likes.
Just take example if 10 person use any autoliker then they have collected 10 likes.
Now if someone use same autoliker then they will get 10 likes on his/her status automatically and that use also added in the same list.
After that total collection become 11 Likes. In the same total likes increase day by day within increase of their users.

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Only way to find total likes available is just depend on how many user already used it to get likes.
There are many website who’s offer auto likes in which they need your token number to get access into your account and then they need status id or photo id where want to show fake likes.
No doubt, Facebook is number one social networking site which help us to connect with our loved ones.
According to Facebook policies, you can add only 5000 friends in your account which is very large value.
However by research and studies, it’s been found that a normal person can have only 200-250 friends ( including those to whom it daily meet and knows in real life ).
What most of the people do is they send requests to unknown people in order to get more following.
This is what where they did mistake.

1.Don’t Give you Token number or access code

Every facebook auto liker websites or apps wants your token number or access code and then they allow many of the apps and terms and condition.
If you already use auto liker then you should know that what i’m saying. The token number or access code is like a password of your facebook Id.
When you allow eveything then you loss your security.
So, if you given that, then the owner of the website or app from where you can get like they can access everything on your facebook Id.

2.Facebook Account Suspended!

facebook account suspened

When your provided the access code or Token number then your facebook account is public and anyone can beach it easily.
As already mentioned, auto liker make use of app access token for login. These access tokens should be treated as your password.

3. They Can Do Much More

The Facebook auto liker can do many other things on your facebook account. If you use facebook auto liker then you automatically like any post or any of the contents on the facebook.
Few things can facebook auto liker can do
* Send Messsage to anyone without your knowledge
* Comment on any post
* Automatic likes a post
* Automatically post anything on your timeline.

4.Likes Unknown Pages From Your ID

The owner of facebook auto liker website, they can use your Facebook Account for likes the facebook pages without your knowledge.
So, you already know that in facebook there are many adults pages are also made.
Facebook auto liker is automatic likes the pages on your account and your friends and family members those who are friend on your account can seen that what you like on facebook.

5.Chances are you’ll be Banned by Facebook

Facebook is strict against spammers and fake accounts. In the last few years it has taken major steps to avoid such things.
Permanent Disable of Account
Block from posting in groups and friends wall.
Block from liking and commenting status and photos.

Did you want to take these risks? Not and at-least not on your original account.

So, This is all about why we not use Facebook Auto liker. I hope this article provide you all details about using of facebook autoliker. If You have any comment regarding this article mention below.

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7 Comments on “5 Risks Of Using Facebook Auto Liker! It is Not Safe”

  1. Thanks for your great article I have a lot of doubt about of Facebook auto like because of most of the auto like tool are asking the token and the username credential to generates alike in this leads into the case of private exchange and your article clarify my doubt what I have been worrying. And there are only a few of the likes tool are working without of any risks here I give the link of the site just check the all method whether all are protected or not My opinion for the site is 80% risk-free and protected for our privacy. Here the link is https://masteradvice.org/top-5-best-facebook-likers-100-working/

    1. No, You should not stop using account. You simply Follow the Step….!!
      1. Goto Facebook Setting Option
      2. Select Apps And Website Option
      3. Remove Those Apps, When you want to allow at the time of given access code.
      4. When the App is remove, then your account will be secure.

      Keep visiting us, for this type of knowledge.

  2. It’s a pity that most people don’t know what internet actually is. First of all, what you call as hacking is not actually what you guys think. If someone just gets your password because you typed in your password on their site, that’s not hacking. I hope some of you guys know what two factor authentication is. If you have that enabled, no one can hack into your account unless they hack your phone to read your verification code. If you were using apps to get likes which you need to install on your Facebook account, you could simply delete it anytime. These days auto likers work like a community of people exchanging likes, comments, views and shares. And i really don’t understand why people are so stupid to give their passwords to some scam sites. Instead they could just use a fake account to send likes to a custom post id. Hope you guys understood what I’m saying.

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