5 Best Ways To Create Free Backlinks For My Website

create free backlinks

Create Free Backlinks

Many of the new blogger are always confused on this question”how to create free Backlinks on my website” and “why it so important for ranking. They find many places we claim that they create free Backlinks or strong Backlinks to increase my website traffic. In this article we have to explain about Backlinks and why they are so important to increase my website ranking in search result. Everyone create a website or blog for two reasons:

  1. To be passionate about spreading knowledge
  2. For Extra Earning

Many of peoples are also go for YouTube for make money but they face problem for ranking in search result. Because million of the videos on your niche are already available on YouTube and they are in good ranking. So, they get demotivated and leave the YouTube for this reason. One of the main reason for leaving YouTube due to their terms and conditions. Many of the peoples are also not know which platform is good for more earning.

If you one of them, who leave the YouTube or start a blog for extra money. Then you should notice or to be heard about Backlinks and how Backlinks help to increase revenue as well as make more money.

What is the Backlinks?

Backlinks is the process in which a famous website that is ranking good in the search results. They can promote your website through which you also rank good in search result. They provide a link of your website on his website. So, any of the visitors are come on good ranking website and then they click of link for reading more about your topic. This is called Backlinks and to this create this link is called do-follow or nofollow Backlinks.

Create Free Backlinks

We can explain how to create free Backlinks and it is totally free. When you follow this article please read conclusion of the whole article. Many of the free website or SEO partially knowledge peoples are offering free Backlinks.

In this, we provide top 5 website, which is claim that they can provide high quality Backlinks for free. Everyone go for create free Backlinks and they help for increase traffic as well as ranking in search engine.


This website is provides you high quality Backlinks for free and also provide link building. By using this you get or increase the number of quality Backlinks. This website is claim that, with the help of this tool you get good position in the google rank.

Follow These Steps:

  1. Visit this site and find Backlinks Maker Tools
  2. Submit your website URL with http:
  3. Wait for a minute

After few days you increase your traffic as well as revenue.


This website also provides you high quality Backlinks to make visibility in the search engine. They can provide 100 different website links of your website which is already rank in good search engine.

This is free and easy to use. When you submit your URL and then any type of errors occur then the payment is required to solve the all issue. They provide you monthly report of your website.

  1. Goto this website tools.thewebomania.com
  2. Submit Your URL and Solve the Image Verification

They provide you Backlinks on the basis of keyword research and provide you high PR sites Backlinks. The process of using is same of the previous tools.


They offer that if you use this tool, they provide too many create many Backlinks and rank your website in a minute. This is 100% free and provides you to create free Backlinks.

The process is same as the solidseotools.


This is also one the good Backlinks maker through which they provide you many Backlinks for your website. They provide you Backlinks for the dedicated website that is already rank good in the search engine. They can boost your SEO exposure in minutes.

This is also same as the previous one.


When you are using any of these free tools, they definitely help for creating free Backlinks but these Backlinks are not good for your increasing your position in search engine. You have create a dofollow and nofollow backlinks for free also. If you have mind then you may think that if this tools are work then why are free professionals blogger are not use because they not provides you for very high quality of Backlinks.

They have many disadvantage of using free Backlinks tools. If you want to use free Backlinks among all the tools we have mention above then you should go with smallseotools and jetseotools. They provide some good quality Backlinks but this not is help to get rank higher in the search result.

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