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Best Free Templates for Bloggers

Best Free Templates for Bloggers

Friends, you have created your own blog on Blogger, but the most important thing after that is to use the right template / theme in your blog. Template is well optimized It is important to have the template attractive; visitors will like your site.
There are already a few templates in Blogger. But the template is old days old i.e. is not updated. The search engine is not able to meet the needs of the search engines, because of the changes from time to time. This is why i will show you Best Free Templates for Bloggers.
So, today I will be able to download this blog from the best free seo friendly template you can say.

  • After visiting the Visitors blog, if he does not like his design, he will rarely come back to the blog. That’s why Template should be looking professional.
  • Template Good Looking Design and SEO Friendly, as well as Mobile Responsive and Fast Loading.
  • Your template must be responsive in mobile, tablet, laptop / PC only then visitors and search engine will like your blog.
  • If your site gets a very slow load, visitors will get annoyed and would like to leave your site and go to another site, so the template needs a Fast Load. This is why i will show you Best Free Templates for Bloggers.
  • All this is to be kept in mind when you choose a template for your blog. I have mentioned some of the best free blogger (blogspot) template site. You can choose a template according to your needs.
  • When you do blogging there are many benefits while doing blogging.
Best Free Templates for Bloggers

This is some of the most trusted and popular sites that provide free templates and premium (paid) templates of bloggers. You can choose the best theme for your blog by visiting them.

1. SORA Template

Sora is a great site that provides the best design templates. The templates of this site are SEO friendly, responsive. This site will find free and paid templates. You will find the full list of the features here in the list. You can choose your template by viewing features and Live Demo.


This site provides both free and premium templates. On this site you will find latest templates and on this site you will find seo friendly, responsive templates with highly designed or not very simple template.


This site offers great looking simple templates which are responsive, seo friendly. There is also a template available of 4 columns here. If you want a simple template for your site, then you will suggest this site. You will find all the templates free on this site.

4. Dcrazed

The best blogger templates are also available on this site. On this site you will find limited good responsive, seo friendly templates. This site suggests popular templates of other sites on your site.


This is also a great site where you will get a good template. Whether your niche photography, music, news, tech, etc, your topic on this site. This site provides both free and paid templates. Here is the most downloaded and popular theme section, you can check if you like. This is Best Free Templates for Bloggers and also you can install in wordpress.


So this was the best 6 template sites blogger, you can choose a nice template and upload a template blog par. Remember the blogger has templates in XML format. Once you have a zip file, you may need to upload XML file blogger me by opening it. After reading the whole article you can decide the Best Free Templates for Bloggers on your website.
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