4 Steps to Access the Web (Internet)


How You Can Access The Web Or Internet

Browsers: People access websites using software called a web browser. Popular examples include Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, and Opera. In order to view a web page, users might type a web address into their browser, follow a link from another site, or use a bookmark. Software manufacturers regularly release new versions of browsers with new features and supporting new additions to languages. It is important to remember that many computer owners will not be running the latest versions of these browsers.

Web Servers: When you ask your browser for a web page, the request is sent across the Internet to a special computer known as a web server which hosts the website. Web servers are special computers that are constantly connected to the Internet. They optimized to send web pages out to people who request them. Some big companies run their own web servers. It is more common to use the services of a web hosting company who charge a fee to host your site.


Devices: People are accessing websites on an increasing range of devices including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. It is important to remember that various devices have different screen sizes. Therefore,some have faster loading page to the web than others.

Screen readers: Screen readers are programs that read out the contents of a computer screen to a user. They are commonly used by people with visual impairments. In the same way that is many countries have legislation’s that require public buildings to be accessible to those with disabilities. Many laws have also been passed that require websites be accessible to those with disabilities. Throughout this book you will see several references to screen readers. These notes will help ensure that the sites you create are accessible to people who use such software.



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