10 Important WordPress Plugins That You Need To Install

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Hello friends, plugins prove to be useful to enhance the functionality of WordPress blog. Many times we install many plugins, but forget to install important WordPress plugins. In today’s article, i will learn some important wordpress plugins that will prove beneficial for your blog.

Important WordPress Plugins

We had to go into the article of an increase website loading speed and the loading speed of the website would be reduced by installing more plugins. But some plugins are such that we need to install WordPress.

10 Important WordPress Plugins That You Need To Install

Below is a list of the important wordpress plugins, which will make fast, SEO, and many more things easier for your blog. All these plugins are light weight and fully stable.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO makes use of SEO on your blog’s on-page SEO. This plugin is one of the most installed plugins in WordPress. This plugin will give you all the necessary On-Page SEO information when you are posting that you need in your post.

W3 Total Cache

W3 total cache, a caching plugin that works to increase the loading speed of your blog. How to install this plugin and how to increase the website speed with this help. If you kind that then please comment below of complete setup W3 Total Cache.

WP Component

This is an image compressor tool. With this tool you can compress and optimize all image uploaded. You can read by clicking on the link below about how to optimize images using image compressor tools.

BackWpUp – Free WordPress Backup Plugin

With Backwp up plugin, you can save the data on your blog on the Dropbox. Many logs use the Updraft plugin, but the updraft plugin from my experience is quite heavy, you can not access the website many times during backup. BackWpUp is a light weight and quite easy plugin.

Insert Headers and Footers

Many times we are asked to copy some code into a theme header or in a footer. Like to verify in your blog google search console, you are asked to post the given meta tag in the header. But for many bloggers who do not have the knowledge of programming, this work becomes troublesome.

In this situation, the insert headers and footers plugin proves to be quite beneficial. With this plugin you can insert any given code easily into the header or footer of the theme.

AMP – Google Accelerated Mobile Pages

It is important to enable AMP in the technique of Page Speed ‚Äč‚Äčoptimization. The AMP is very fast load for your website mobile users. AMP also helps in increasing your blog’s ranking.

WP Defender Security Plugin

This plugin helps you to some extent to protect your blog and protect it from hackers. This plugin is quite simple and light weight. When activating the plugin, it will show a list of WP defender potential venerability when scanning the database in your site. According to this list, you can fix all problems one by one.

Ad Inserter

With this plugin you can show ads in your blog. You can put the code of AdSense or any other ad network in your post, in the sidebar. There are many features available in this plugin, which you will not find in any other plugin.

WP Subscribe Form

To increase the visitors in the blog it is necessary to have a subscription form. With the WP subscribe plugin you can encourage your visitors to subscribe to a blog. This is a simple & light weight plugin. In this plugin, you can configure email services such as google feed burner, Aweber and MailChimp.

Facebook Instant Articles

Sharing a blog socially is also beneficial. Like Facebook, Facebook instant article will load fast shared post on your Facebook page. Not only this, you can also reduce money with the help of Facebook instant article

I hope you like this list of all the important wordpress plugins. Do you use any other plugin that you think is important? Explain in Comment.

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